Credit Card Protection

You will only enter your credit card information on the Link2Gov "Credit Card Entry" screen.

Neither the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department nor the Link2Gov Corporation will ever ask you to provide personal or financial information by phone or email; especially bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, social security number or addresses.

Credit Card Payment Limits and Fees  

Contracted Vendor - Link2Gov
In order to make an inmate deposit, you will be transferred to a portion of our Website hosted by our contracted payment processing vendor, Link2Gov Corporation ("Payment Processor"). Our Payment Processor will prompt you to enter all information necessary to make an inmate payment using a credit card and will thereafter take all steps necessary to process such payment on our behalf. Our Payment Processor has agreed to abide by our Privacy Policy while collecting such information and processing such payments on our behalf. Please note that there is a $2.49 service fee for each transaction you make to provide funding assistance to maintain this service by and for our Payment Processor.

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Customer and Client Support: 877-513-5465

Conditions of Payment
These Terms of Payment set forth the terms of the Internet/online payment service ("e-Pay Service") offered to you by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department ("LASD", "we", "us" or "our") with respect to your payment via LASD's website ("Site"). LASD will NOT accept payments through this Site from any party/individual who is not an authorized user of the credit card utilized for the payment to LASD or is making a payment from a foreign country that does not support a minimum of 128-bit encryption. By submitting a payment through this Site, you certify that you meet these and all other requirements set forth in these Terms of Payments.
Please note there may be a service fee payable to the third party service provider for a credit card payment you make using this Site, which service fee will be disclosed to you prior to completion of such payment. The service fee payment is a condition of making a credit card payment using this Site. If the service fee is returned or charged back for any reason, the third party payment processor will return the payment to your credit card account and your payment to LASD, in its entirety, will be cancelled. The service fee and your payment, in its entirety, will appear on your credit card bill as separate items. The service fee will be labeled "Link2Gov Service Fee", and your payment will be labeled "LASD e-Pay".

Credit Card Payments
A credit card payment, limited to credit cards with the MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card logos are the types of payment that will be accepted through this Site. Please note that there will be a convenience fee of $2.49 for each credit card payment.

Other Payment Methods
Please note that, in addition to making a payment through this Site, payments to LASD can also be made by mail or in person.

Payment Date
Your payment is deemed received at the time you select the "Pay Now" button for a payment if we confirm the transaction and provide you with a confirmation number.

Transaction Receipt
A payment is not deemed made until we provide you with an online confirmation number for such payment. You can download or print a copy of the receipt page with your confirmation number for your records. In addition, we will send you an email confirmation of your payment. We recommend that you check your email's SPAM folder for our emails and you can add domain name to your Safe Senders List to ensure that you continue to receive our emails in the future.

Your Representations
In addition to the representations in the User Rights you represent to us that: (i) the information you provide to us in connection with this e-Pay Service will be accurate; (ii) you have the right to authorize us to obtain payment from the account designated in your instruction; and (iii) no other person's authorization or action is needed to approve our creation and processing of the payment against your designated account.

Electronic Communications
Any notice or other type of information that is provided to you in connection with this e-Pay Service, such as these Terms of Payment, the User Rights and Privacy Policy, payment confirmations, amendments, and other payment information ("Communications"), may be sent to you electronically (e.g., by posting the information at this Site, or by sending it to your email address). We will not be obligated to provide any Communication to you in paper form. If you do not agree to electronic Communications, you agree not to use the e-Pay Service and should select the "Cancel" button below.

In order to use our e-Pay Service, you will need a working connection to the Internet from a personal computer device. The e-Pay Service may not function properly using Web-enabled television, cellular telephone or similar connections. Your Internet browser must support the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), 128-bit encryption protocol. Mozilla Firefox 2.X or higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.X or higher will support this feature. You also will need either a printer connected to your computer to print Communications or sufficient hard drive space available to save the information. You must have your own Internet service provider (ISP), as we do not provide ISP services.

Disclaimers; Limitation of Liability
We offer the e-Pay Service as a courtesy only. In addition to the disclaimer of warranties included in the User Rights, we assume no obligation to ensure that it is available for your use. There may be times when the e-Pay Service is unavailable due to system maintenance, outages, or unavailability of Internet Services.

In addition to the limitation of liability included in the User Rights, you agree that for any liability related to the payment, neither LASD nor the County of Los Angeles is liable for any amount of damages. You additionally agree that neither LASD nor the County of Los Angeles is not liable for payments made to the wrong inmate.

We reserve the right to amend (add to, delete or change) this Terms of Payment and the e-Pay Service. We may terminate your use of the e-Pay Service at any time, without cause or prior notice.

Entire Agreement
These Terms of Payment, the User Rights and Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between LASD and you with respect to the e-Pay Service.

By clicking/pressing the "Agree" button below, you are confirming that: (1) you agree to receive Communications electronically; (2) your computer system meets the requirements set forth above; (3) you are able to access and print or store information presented at this Site; and (4) you agree to this Terms of Payment, which will be deemed to supplement the User Rights and Privacy Policy found elsewhere at this Site.